10 Pugs on Instagram You Should be Following

Do you like pugs? If you said ‘no,’ we probably can’t be friends.

You see, I have an obsession with pugs. I am what you might call, ‘pugsessed.’

I can’t get enough of their cute, smushed up, derpy little faces. And all those rolls! And their curly tails! And…ok let me stop right now before I get carried away.

But seriously, I LOVE pugs. And I don’t even own one. YET.

I can, however, live vicariously through other people who do.

Instagram is full of pugs. And it’s where I spend most of my days oogling and crying over the pugs of the world.

In fact, I probably follow more pugs than people.

“But, Liana,” you might say. “There are hundreds or probably even thousands of pugs on Instagram. Which ones should I follow?”

Well, the honest answer is…ALL OF THEM. ALL OF THE PUGS!

But I understand not everyone is as pugsessed as me. And for that reason, I put together a little list of the 10 pugs on Instagram you should be following.

These are some of my favorites, for various reasons (and in no particular order). And hopefully, they may become some of your own.

Without further ado, may I introduce:

1. Mr. Pickles and Bella

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Hi 👋 #pugstagram

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Mr. Pickles and Bella are a fawn and black puggy pair owned by known pug aficionado and illustrator, Gemma Correll. Follow their adventures around Oakland, CA and across the world as they travel with their mom and dad.

2. Percy the Pug

A young, UK, fawn pug, Percy the Pug always looks dapper in one of his bowties. You never know what he’s going to get up to next from having pool parties to carrying the rings for a wedding.

3. Doug the Pug

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“‪Harry Pugger is going to Hogwarts!” -Doug

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Probably the most famous pug of all, Doug the Pug is the king of social media…and pop culture. He has his nose to the ground when it comes to the latest trends and even got Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness to officiate his mom and dad’s wedding!

4. Loulou the Pug

Loulou is the most adorable baby girl pug. Like seriously. Just look at her. 😍 I love her Instagram for all its vibrancy and colors. Plus, she loves to dress up and looks especially pretty in her puggy hats and flower crowns.

5. Butch Cassidy the Pug

Butch Cassidy is probably one of the most majestic pugs I have ever seen. I mean…he’s just stunning. As such, he was the star of the BBC2 Documentary ’10 Puppies & Us,’ and even does modeling and stunts! What a professional!

6. Sir Sauerkraut

Sir Sauerkraut is an older, California-based puggy with lots of personality. His Instagram handle is @pugridesshotgun because he gets to ride up front with his ma. He’s also got a thing for sharks, and like Percy the Pug, rocks a mean bow tie.

7. Milo & Otis the Pug Walsh

Milo & Otis are actually both pugs despite the fact that they’re named after a dog and cat movie from the late 80s. These fun guys love dress up and have crazy pool parties with all their puggy friends. Plus they almost always have their sad, pug face on so you can’t help but say “awww,” through their entire Instagram feed.

8. Brandy the Pug

Brandy the Pug is probably the most impressive of all the pugs on this list. Not only can she swim with the best of them, she actually hikes, surfs, and snowboards. She has competed in the World Dog Surfing Championships (placing 3rd) and is even sponsored by GoPro!

9. Lil Pickles Da Pug

Lil Pickles gives new meaning to the pug loaf. He has rolls for days and is super chubs. In fact, he’s often seen looking longingly at something, which is most likely tasty food of some kind. He makes me giggle and has some of the funniest outfits I’ve seen on a pug.

10. The Pugdashians

Despite your opinion on the actual Kardashians, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting behind the Pugdashians. These three sisters do everything together, and their humans often dress them alike too despite them being different ages. The youngest, Tilly is a prize-winning show pug while the other two are more into that snuggle-life. Plus their whole family works with a pug rescue in Maine so they’re even philanthropic like their human counterparts.

Are you going to follow all these fabulous puggies on Instagram? Which one was your favorite?


Death in the Age of Facebook

Image from Cyborgology

Death has a sobering effect on the soul. It wakens us not only to our own mortality, but the inevitable ending of much that we know and are used to in life. Nothing ever stays the same, but death is an inevitable constant. Young or old, healthy or sick–the truth is, death does not discriminate.

Every culture has a death ritual in place, a way for the living to celebrate the lives of those that passed. Mourning can be a solitary burden or a shared experience, depending on the impact of the death and the personalities of those affected. Loved ones are often sent off through one of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

But what about death in the age of Facebook?

As our daily lives have gradually become both infiltrated and validated by the importance of social media, death grips us in a different way. When someone we know dies, even just a casual acquaintance or friend of a friend, the news travels to us via our Facebook feed.

When I was in my first year of college, a friend I’d known since elementary school passed away. We were never extremely close, but outside of school I knew him well enough that I’d gone to his Bar Mitzvah and shared an occasional bowl with him on our way to Warped Tour.

Although we had a real life friendship, we had grown apart since high school, but remained friends on Facebook. It was on that famous social networking site where I heard about his death through a post made by a mutual friend.RIP. You will be missed. Always in our hearts.The comments of sympathy rolled in as I stared at my computer screen.

As I sat there, in shock at the words and the notion that someone I knew was now dead, I also felt strangely annoyed. Why had I not found out about this in some other way? A phone call, an email–anything else but a Facebook post. Somehow it felt strangely impersonal.

As I struggled with the myriad of feelings that accompany a death, I watched as my friend’s Facebook page became a memorial to their life and those that knew him. Favorite memories were shared along with photos and heartfelt words expressing a great sense of loss. Many spoke directly to the deceased, reaching for a sense of resolution.

Friends and family members continuously commented on each other’s posts with kind words and empathy. In a sense, these interactions served as a digital support group, at least on the surface.

But as the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, the months to years, the posts became less frequent and my dead friend’s Facebook page grew silent, abandoned. Although he had already been laid to rest, his ghost continuously haunted me when I scrolled through my list of Facebook friends. Someone had even taken down his profile photo, which made the experience of coming across his name even more shocking; An outline of a person, where that person should have been.

Although I felt sad when I saw his name, I couldn’t bring myself to “unfriend” him. Ultimately, he was still my friend even though I would never get to talk to him again. Still, it felt odd to have a Facebook friend who was dead, but even odder to even be entertaining these kinds of thoughts.

How do we deal with the dead in the age of social media? Do we feel comforted by their digital echo or burdened by emotion because of the constant reminder?

As I get older and have lost others in my life who were also Facebook friends, I often consider these things and my personal feelings on the matter.

While I was fortunate to attend the wakes of two friends who passed away, I never did get to say goodbye in person to that first friend who died. I often have dreams of him, to this day, where I’m talking to him and he’s telling me that he’s okay. It’s so strange how the ritual of a funeral can truly bring resolution to a death.

Even so, death on social media is still something I struggle with, even at this very moment, as the news of another acquaintance’s death has found its way to me via my Facebook news feed. While I contemplate my participation in the conversation surrounding this death, I came across a quote by Edgar Allan Poe from Mesmeric Revelation that resonates at this moment:

“What we call ‘death,’ is but the painful metamorphosis. Our present incarnation is progressive, preparatory, temporary. Our future is perfected, ultimate, immortal. The ultimate life is the full design.”

Death comes to us all whether we plan for it or not.

In short, it isn’t until a person is gone that we truly can put together a picture of their life as a whole. Although social media is in a sense a curated piece of a person, and not necessarily their whole truth, it is nonetheless them. Their personality may linger through the words and pictures they chose to share with the world; they are immortal for as long as their page stays up even if it has been a year since someone posted on it.

Ultimately, interacting with the Facebook page of a loved one after their death has become a new form of ritual; soon it will be no stranger than carrying around a locket of hair from the deceased or visiting a grave site. As more and more of our lives are lived online, perhaps we’ll also become more comfortable with the familiarity of death, and the digital legacy we’ll all inevitably leave behind some day.

San Diego Comic-Con Tips From a Newbie: Who to Follow on Twitter (Tip #2)

In my last post, I focused on What to Bring With You Everyday to Comic-Con, which included your phone charger or extra battery. It’s very likely that you will be constantly on your phone, checking social media and posting to it in addition to the dozens of other activities smartphones can do nowadays. One of the best uses of your phone checking time during Comic-Con is to follow Comic-Con activity on Twitter through the hashtags #SDCC, #SDCC15, and #ComicCon2015. All of the companies who have booths or tables have a Twitter account and will be posting throughout the convention about giveaways, signings, special surprises, sales, and other announcements. This is your way to gain an advantage over other people who may not realize how to find out about these things. Aside from companies posting from their booths, however, you will also find information on the activities going on outside of Comic-Con in the surrounding areas. There are hundreds of simultaneous events happening during Comic-Con and there is always something to do. Additionally, many die-hard fans and convention veterans will also post their own tips or leads on things they’ve found out about, which can be infinitely useful. There are sometimes secret parties that pop-up last minute or random giveaways outside too. Last year I got a sweet Transformers fanny-pack when I was walking towards the Gaslamp District.

But, you may ask, how am I to know who to follow on Twitter to be in the know? Well my dear geeks, I have done most of the work for you already. I created a Twitter list under my account @LianaRosePhoto, with 80+ accounts you should check out during the con to stay in the know. I will be adding to it in the days and weeks to come as we get closer and closer to the week of Comic-Con. Please feel free to subscribe to it, share it with your friends, and tweet me with suggestions. Here’s the list in all it’s glory: https://twitter.com/LianaRosePhoto/lists/comic-con. I’d also love to know who will be there in July so please add me and I will add you back!

Check back next week for another useful tip for navigating Comic-Con as a newbie.

21 Days til Comic-Con!