The Emmy’s!

Before I lived in LA, reward shows seemed so glamorous. I was all about the gowns and the glory and the fake laughter. But now, being so close to all of that, it just seems rather tedious and boring. Why are these things still broadcast, especially the Emmy’s?! No one actually watches TV anymore do they? Why would we when everything’s streamed online or torrented or recapped on Twitter and Facebook? The only thing I find interesting is who won in each category, which I don’t need three hours of television to tell me. So in case you were also wondering who won, I’ve compiled a visual list to save you some time and brain cells.

And the Emmy goes to Ty Burrell


And the Emmy goes to Louis C.K.

And the Emmy goes to Allison Janney

 And the Emmy goes to Jimmy Fallon and Uzo Aduba

And the Emmy goes to Jim Parsons

And the Emmy goes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus

And the Emmy goes to The Amazing Race

And the Emmy goes to Kathy Bates

And the Emmy goes to Martin Freeman

And the Emmy goes to Fargo

And the Emmy goes to Benedict Cumberbatch

And the Emmy goes to Jessica Lange

And the Emmy goes to The Normal Heart

And the Emmy goes to Aaron Paul

And the Emmy goes to Anna Gunn

And the Emmy goes to Julianna Margulies

 And the Emmy goes to Bryan Cranston

And the Emmy goes to Modern Family

And the Emmy goes to Breaking Bad




RIP Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams
Robin Williams at the premiere of Happy Feet, 2011

It’s hard to find the words when someone dies. There is shock and sadness and anger at the realization that the person no longer exists the way they did before. They’re no longer corporeal and so you cannot hug them, laugh with them, or make new memories with them. But something does linger on and it is the memory and meaning they have created for you. Each person is a gift and it’s important to remember and cherish them. In this ever changing, social media centric society we live in, we need to continue to value people more than media. Most importantly, we shouldn’t be afraid to get close to one another and reveal our vulnerabilities. It is these very things that make us human, which is something that we cannot escape.

I definitely feel the weight of Robin Williams death as if I knew him, but in a way I did. For someone as lucky as he was to be doing what he loved, his work was his life, and to know his work was to love him. He was a household name to my generation and we grew up loving The Genie in Aladdin, Peter Banning in Hook, and Alan Parrish in Jumanji, along with so many other great films. Tonight, I watched The Birdcage in tribute and toasted a glass of wine in his memory. My Facebook feed was full of tributes, memories, and comments about him as I’m sure yours was too. As his wife Susan Schneider was quoted as saying by CNN:

As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.

He will surely live on as a great comedy genius and film legend. An Oscar winner. An idol. A husband. A Dad. And a sensitive soul. May he rest in peace.