5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Fashion Inspiration

Five Fandom Friday

I love clothes just as much as any woman, but I’ve never considered myself to be particularly fashion conscious. I don’t tend to follow the trends, but I wear what I like and compliments my body type. This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic focuses on fictional fashion that inspires.

clara oswald impossible girl

1. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

I’ve loved the Impossible Girl’s style since we were introduced to her during the 11th doctor’s seasons. The red ensemble pictured above is so simple, but yet so flattering. Most of her looks are preppy, schoolgirl/school teacher, with a bit of a hip flare to them. Clara has had a lot of really great outfits even in the current season with Peter Capaldi. One of my favorites was the 1920s dress from “The Mummy on the Orient Express.” This article from Bustle shows a bunch of her outfits and this one from Radio Times even shows you where to find a similar 1920s dress.

jessica day

2. Jessica Day (New Girl)

Jess actually has a similar style to Clara’s, but is more 1950s teenager meets modern hipster. It’s kinda funny, because they’re both teachers too. I guess I just like that slightly nerdy, preppy look. Jess takes it a step further because of her glasses and quirky personality. Some of my favorite outfits have actually been her pajamas though and luckily there is actually a website called WWZDW that identifies what exactly she is wearing so you can purchase it for yourself. I feel like Zooey Deschanel should just have her own fashion blog already. She is such a style icon in real life. She does have her Hello Giggles site, however, and she did release a line of amazing dresses through Ralph Lauren last year too.

wanda cry baby

3. Wanda Woodward (Cry Baby)

Wanda is a badass bitch and part of an all girl crew called The Drapes in the 1990 John Water’s film Cry Baby. She knows how to work what she has and always looks hot. Again, this is 1950’s style since the movie is a period piece, but Wanda is more pinup than prep. She pairs leather jackets with skin tight dresses for even sexier appeal. Plus her hair is freaking amazing.

dany targaryen

4. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

I think Dany is probably on most female geek girls’ lists. She always looks like a queen and is draped in some kind of long flowing dress. I especially loved the evolution of her dragon dress as she gradually came into her role as Mother of Dragons. Dany looks beautiful in whatever they put her in, but the costume design on Game of Thrones is pretty flawless all the way around.

tonks outfit

5. Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)

Ok, Tonks had to be on my list seeing as I cosplayed as her last year during Comikaze and on Halloween. She is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters and I love the goth-punk style they gave her in the movies. It’s pretty much an exaggerated version of how I used to dress in high school and even now sometimes. Seeing as she is a metamorphmagus too, she can also change her hair and eyes and all that, which gives her a real advantage when choosing outfits.

What fictional style icons inspire you?