5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Things I Own That I Bought at Cons

Five Fandom Friday

I’m not one to spend hundreds of dollars at cons each time I attend, but I do like to snag at least one awesome thing. I’ve probably attended about 10 cons in my life as I only really started going to them after college. Here are my five favorite things that I bought at cons (so far!).

Abe Lopez Batman Haunted Mansion

This signed “Haunted Arkham Asylum” print by Abe Lopez. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. I snagged it at Wondercon¬†this year. It combines two of my favorite things: the Batman universe and Disney’s The Haunted Mansion ride!!

Pugs Book

I am completely in love/obsessed with pugs and I had to have this book when I saw it at Comikaze last year. It features a really cute and derpy pug, doing what they do best. Being cute and derpy. ūüėÄ The author also signed it and made a small drawing on the inside. You can check out Dave Kellett’s stuff here.

Camille Rose Garcia 1st Edition Signed Snow White and Print

Camille Rose Garcia has been my favorite pop artist since high school when I saw her work featured in Nylon magazine. I have her first art book and the Alice in Wonderland book she illustrated that is like this Snow White one. I have always wanted to own one of her prints and this deal was pretty much the closest I could get currently. Snagged a signed first edition of her Snow White book along with a signed print at Comic-Con this year!

David Mack Kabuki The Alchemy

I met David Mack at Miami Supercon back in 2010. I was wandering through Artist’s Alley and his watercolor work caught my eye. I told him I thought his work was really beautiful and he was super sweet in response. I bought this version of Kabuki and he threw in a couple of the comics, signing everything. David is one of the most generous artists ¬†out there. He’s featured in the documentary Temple of Art, which I am proud to have been a supporter of via Kickstarter. This year, I¬†found him at Comic-Con and he signed my copy of Fight Club 2. He’s also very responsive on Twitter, which is awesome.

Tardis Blueprint Tank Top

Bought this Tardis tank from GeekyU at Comikaze and am super in love with it. I love nerdy tank tops and would much rather wear them than t-shirts, especially since I live in Southern California. The design of this shirt is really cool because it’s in that blueprint style, which is kinda popular right now. I’ve received lots of compliments on it too!

I’d love to see your favorite con purchases! Link me in the comments below!


5 Fandom Friday – Comic Book Characters Who Should Have Their Own TV Show/Movie

Five Fandom Friday

I love love love this week’s writing prompt for 5 Fandom Friday! There are a few comic book characters I have always wanted to see on the big screen (or small screen for that matter).

Anarky by DC Comics

1. Anarky (DC Comics)

Update: Check out my essay on Why Batman’s Anarky is More Relevant Than Ever.

Number one on my list has always been Anarky. I highly recommend checking him out via the graphic novel Batman: Anarky. He is one of the few comic book villains I actually feel has a just cause for doing what he does. He fights for the oppressed and wants to liberate the masses. The only thing that prevents him from being classified as a hero rather than a villain, is that he takes an extremist point of view that ultimately makes him no better than those he is trying to take down. He is quite similar to V from V for Vendetta except that he has extremely high intelligence and is just a child when he starts his vigilantism. I would love to see a film featuring Anarky especially considering the political climate as of late! Take note DC!!

Storm from Marvel's X-Men

2. Storm (Marvel)

One of my favorite female comic book heroes, Storm, is a badass and deserves her own spinoff film from the X-men movies. Of all the mutant’s powers, hers would be the ones I’d want to have. I like to think of Storm as a kind of mutant witch because she can control the weather and the energy of living things. I¬†also love the fact that she’s a leader and has lead both the X-Men in Cyclops absence in addition to the underground Morlocks group. There’s actually a whole graphic novel about Storm’s involvement with the Morlocks called¬†X-Men: Storm. I actually really hope to see the Morlocks in the next X-Men film. It¬†is¬†possible since the next film has Apocalypse and the Morlocks didn’t want to join Apocalypse and so were experimented on.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

3. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (Slave Labor Graphics)

Oh my dear, dear Nny. How I love thee. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac helped me get through some tough times in high school. His murderous rampages were an outlet for many a teenage angst that sometimes¬†ventured into theoretical homicidal territory. True Johnny was pretty messed up, but his insights into people and life in general were actually quite poignant, albeit sad too. He was depressed a lot of the time, but his depression made me feel not as alone in mine. I also loved his delusions like the Psycho Doughboys and Nail Bunny. Johnen Vasquez who is the writer/illustrator of JTHM is also the creator of Invader Zim, so it’s not so far-fetched to hope for a Johnny cartoon sometime in the future. The Director’s Cut¬†graphic novel was out of print for a while, but it’s available again on Amazon! I highly recommend it. I have the paperback version, but often consider getting the pretty hardcover version too.

Transmetropolitan Lust for Life

4. Spider Jerusalem (Vertigo)

I’m actually hoping for a series of Transmetropolitan movies or a TV show, so Spider Jerusalem would obviously be featured. If you haven’t read the Transmetropolitan series yet, I suggest you get your bum over to Amazon right now and pre-order the new collection, called Absolute Transmetropolitan, that’s coming out in a few weeks. Spider is actually based on writer Hunter S. Thompson. He lives in a cyber-punk universe¬†complete with genetically modified humans who take traits from animals and other creatures, to tyrannical presidents, and crazed religious cults. Spider is just as doped up as the real Thompson, but also has two female sidekicks named Yelena and Channon. They all have a sort of love-hate relationship, but I think that’s pretty reasonable considering the times they live in. I’m always a fan of 1984-esque stories and this is by far one of the best ones out there.

Harley Quinn

5. Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

I feel like this is a no brainer considering how many Harley Quinns I see at conventions every year. Perhaps she’ll get her own film after The Suicide Squad is released, but that’s pending its’ questionable success. There really hasn’t been a whole lot of back story ¬†on Harley Quinn, although I hear The New 52¬†does cover some of it in her feature issues. It’s quite surprising to me considering she’s sometimes referred to as the female Deadpool or even the Deadpool of the DC Universe. My only qualm is that a lot of people still consider her to just be the Joker’s girlfriend, when she is so much more than that. I think that says a lot about her co-dependency on Joker, which a lot of people can relate to. Personally I would love to delve more into her psyche and how humor became such a large part of her persona.

*Please note some of the links included in this post are Amazon affiliate links. If you do make a purchase via these links I ¬†receive a small amount of compensation. A girl’s gotta eat, but I assure you these are all hand-picked products that I personally recommend!