Five Fandom Friday

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday theme is guilty pleasures. My picks aren’t exactly fandom related, but just an expression of my personality I guess. I’m a bit weird, but most of these things are surprisingly normal.

Attack of the Puppet People

1. Really terrible B-Movie Horror Films

I used to rent these with my friends at the local Blockbuster. The more ridiculous the movie title the better. Attack of the Puppet People, Thankskilling, Santa’s Slay…There are so many bad ones that I can’t remember all the names. Sometimes the cover alone was enough to make us rent the film. This is partially why I miss being able to rent movies from a local video store. Luckily, Netflix has some pretty so-bad-it’s-good choices to binge on.

Tenacious D

2. Tenacious D

I am a bit obsessed with the D. In high school, I was in a band and all my bandmates were into them. I thought comedy music was lame and so didn’t really bother listening to them on my own. Well my friends made sure I did listen because they knew me well and I loved every second of their first album. I know all the words to this day. I have both of their DVDs and the Pick of Destiny movie as well. I still haven’t seen JB and KG play together, but I have met Jack Black twice since I’ve lived in LA.

Metal Pizza

3. Pizza

Ok, I know pizza is not very healthy and whatever and I live in LA or whatever, but I am a PIZZA FIEND! I must have pizza once a week. If I don’t, I have horrible cravings that drive me insane. Yes, seriously. It’s especially bad when I’m on my period. If I don’t get my pizza, I get super hangry and go all She-Hulk. My favorite pizza is supreme or Hawaiian, but I will eat pizza with pretty much anything on top. Mmmmm…melty cheese deliciousness…


4.  America’s Next Top Model

TYRA MAIL! Girl, you don’t even know. If Top Model is on, bye! I will watch ALL the reruns. I love this show so much it’s not even funny. I haven’t seen the later cycles, but mainly because I had to stop myself from watching; I had a problem. I will say though that ANTM was a great comfort to me when I was in the hospital a few years ago. It made things a lot less scary.

funk you flea market

5. Rummaging Through Other People’s Things

Thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales; I have a thing for rummaging through other people’s things. It’s always like Christmas because you never know what you’re going to find. Last month I got a pair of Saks 5th Avenue heels for $9 at Salvation Army that were originally $195. This is what I’m talking about. I love the challenge of finding something awesome amongst all the junk and unwanted items. Plus it’s a great way to save money or make a little extra if you resell any of the things you find too. Personally, I love shopping for clothes, records, cameras, and random shit in this way. I’ve always been told I have the coolest stuff, but it’s because it’s all other people’s stuff that I’ve just curated.

Have any guilty pleasures you’re willing to share?