Ostrichland – Solvang, CA

This year, for our first wedding anniversary, my husband Justin and I decided to go to the Danish town of Solvang in the Santa Ynez Valley. Normally we plan a bunch of things to do ahead of time, but I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad sleep and mental health issues lately, so we just decided to wing it.

So on our 2nd day there, I picked up a magazine from our hotel room to see what kind of things there were to do in the area. One of the things that instantly jumped out at me was someplace called Ostrichland. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go there?! Apparently, it’s an ostrich and emu farm where you can actually feed the birds. So obviously, we had to go.

OMG so excited.

Upon arriving at Ostrichland, there were some fabulous signs at the entrance I just had to get photos of, including one that explained the rules for feeding the ostriches and emus. I was getting more and more excited by the minute.

Ostrich eggs signed by the likes of Ray Romano and Khloe Kardashian.

We entered the little building off the parking lot, which was a gift shop and the place where you pay the entry fee of $5. They have a lot of bird-themed merchandise, ostriches and emus, yes, but also stuff with peacocks too. In one little corner, they even have ostrich eggs that are signed by famous people who have visited Ostrichland. So fabulously weird!

The ostriches of Ostrichland. Ready for some feedin’.

So we paid our entry fee and grabbed a pan/dish of food from a rack on the side and went through the back to the outdoor area. After walking down and to the right a short distance, we came to a fenced-off area where there were a shit-ton of ostriches just hanging out getting fed by a bunch of tourists like us.

Feeding a very impatient looking ostrich.

We were warned to hold onto our food dishes with both hands and for good reason. Those birds have really strong beaks and like pecking at the dish and sometimes your hand (!) as they’re trying to get food. It didn’t take long for one to come up to my dish and start pecking away, making a mess everywhere. It was kind of scary, but awesome. I mean how many people can say they fed an ostrich?!

We did that for a while, my husband and I alternating feeding the ostriches. We watched them flap their giant wings and tried to figure out if the brown ostriches were male or female (they’re female!). Once our bowl was empty, another family even gave us their leftovers because they were leaving. So then we went down a little further and found the emus.

The “special” ostrich.

Along the way, however, was what you might call a “special” ostrich. He was super wacky and just pecked at whatever was around. I had to take a selfie with him. LOL!

The Emus at Ostrichland

Then we found the emus and fed them for a while. They were a little more chill, although they made the weirdest noises. They sounded like drums. The emus also seemed to like their solitude more and weren’t attention whores like the ostriches. They mainly kept away from the fences unless they were reeeeaalllyyy hungry.

Feeding and emu at Ostrichland.

I think we spent a little over an hour at Ostrichland, which seemed like just the right amount of time since there really isn’t much to do besides feed the ostriches and emus, watch them, and maybe take home a souvenir in the gift shop. But it was definitely worth a stop, especially for such a cheap admission and a unique experience. Personally, I love anything related to animals, so I had a fun time with the ostriches and emus.

Look ma, I’m an ostrich!

Have you ever been to Ostrichland? Or fed an ostrich or emu? What other fun attractions do you recommend in Solvang, CA? Leave me a comment below.