Pure Magic: A Harry Potter Dream Crate

Without a doubt, Harry Potter has become my favorite fandom and the one I’m most passionate about. After making Severus Snape and the Marauders, my obsession with J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has only grown exponentially.

Naturally, then, when brainstorming what my dream LootCrate  subscription box—or Dream Crate if you will—would look like, it was full of Harry Potter stuff. Now, I do realize that LootCrate already has a “Wizarding World Crate” on their site. However, it’s house specific and comes with a t-shirt, neither of which really appeals to me at the moment.

I’ve become quite picky since I turned 30 last year and don’t want to clutter my life with useless stuff. Instead, I want to be surrounded by things that make me happy and are pleasing to the eye in both design and color.

A lot of the crates out there are also pretty generic or else favor things dudes would like over what ladies or more feminine types might. Although I’m not saying this has to be a “girl’s only” box, I wanted to put together something that would appeal to someone who has similar likes and tastes as myself.

And so, without further ado, I present to you—Pure Magic: A Harry Potter Dream Crate.

Hogwarts Castle Lumos Charm


These charms come in silver or gold (most likely plated) and are made to fit charm bracelets. Although they’re obviously super adorable, 15% of the profits from their sale also go to J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos. Fashion for a cause is always a good idea.

Lumos HP Charm #2 – Hogwarts Castle (G) 

Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs


Aside from the fact that Luna is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters, (she’s a Ravenclaw after all) she also sports some of the funkiest accessories. Her spectrespecs, from the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film, are a must have for wrackspurt hunting and general eccentricity.

Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

Hogwarts Textbook Postcards


If you’re not already aware of the creative geniuses behind the graphic design of both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, get on that! MinaLima has created some of the most memorable images in the wizarding world, including the fantastically designed textbook covers seen here. Aside from just getting all of these awesome graphics in poster format, you can get them in a portable size as a postcard set via their website.

The Hogwarts Series – Postcards (Collection 1)

The Quibbler: Editor-in-Chief Pin


As a journalist, this pin appeals to me on so many levels, especially considering how much the media has been under fire these days. However, ultimately, I couldn’t resist another Luna association, this time referencing her father, Xenophilius Lovegood. Now, you too can publish wacky stories and show your support for Harry Potter by acting as The Quibbler’s Editor-in-Chief.

Quibbler Pinback Button

Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos


Admit it, you’ve been dying to get a Harry Potter themed tattoo. For realsies; me too. But, since I’ve made it this far in my life without having any tattoos, it’s highly unlikely I’d ever actually commit to having one permanently imprinted on my skin. These temporary tattoos are the next best thing and will easily wash off after a few days or so. However, the black ink style and modern fonts are very appealing and may very well inspire a permanent version after they wear off.

Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos

Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands


Last year, Storybook Cosmetics took the world of geek-inspired makeup by storm with their Harry Potter-style wand brushes. Sold as a limited edition set, the brushes are modeled after Harry, Ron, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Voldemort’s wands. These babies sold out almost instantaneously and the girls are now working on pre-sale for a second series with original wand designs. Do want!

Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands

What would your Dream Crate look like?

Leave a comment below so I can check out your ideas too!

*Thank you to LootCrate for contacting me about the DreamCrate project! Craft your own DreamCrate for a chance to turn yours into a reality!


5 Fandom Friday: 5 Fictional Pets I’d Like to Adopt


There are so many fun pets in the many fictional universes of pop culture. I’m sure there are some I’ll think of later and kick myself over. For now, here are the five fictional pets I’d like to adopt.

Waddles the Pig

Waddles the Pig (Gravity Falls)

Just look at that adorable piggy face! I want to squeeze his cheeks and cuddle him so hard! Waddles is pretty much the cutest (full-size) pig ever. He would be my trusty sidekick and I’d feed him scraps from the dinner table. It would be even more amazing if I could adopt the super-genius Waddles from Season 2 after he eats that magic mushroom paste. Then we could save the world together and he’d be the first pig to win a Noble Prize.

Hedwig the Owl

Hedwig the Snowy Owl (Harry Potter)

Hedwig is super smart and protective of Harry. She even gives her own life to save him! I would love to have a beautiful, intelligent owl like Hedwig to keep me company and deliver my mail. I’ve always liked the idea of an owl post. Seems to me it would be more effective than our current postal service.


Adipose (Doctor Who)

Ok, I know the Adipose are made up of fat and other biological tissue, but they’re just so damn adorable! They’ve got one little tooth like a baby. I bet they would be super squishy to hug. I seem to have a thing for fat, cuddly, squishy things. 😀

Raja the Tiger

Rajah the Tiger (Aladdin)

Who wouldn’t want a ferocious bengal tiger as their pet? Especially because that probably means you’re royalty like Princess Jasmine. I always wanted to be like her when I was little. She’s the prettiest Disney princess in my opinion (and the one I look the most like thank you very much). Rajah is super sweet with her like a tamed house cat, but very protective as you can see from this photo from when he bit Jafar in the ass.


Pascal the Chameleon (Tangled)

Pascal is hilarious. He would always keep me entertained. Just look at the expression on his face; he’s got to be the most expressive chameleon in existence. I’m not normally into lizards, but I do adore chameleons. Their color changing super powers are pretty rad too.

I have a feeling I may have more favorites after Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out! What are some of your favorite fictional pets?

5 Fandom Friday: Five Fictional Vehicles I’d Love to Travel In


Oh man, I am really into this week’s 5 Fandom Friday: Five Fictional Vehicles I’d Love to Travel In. It’s incredibly hard to narrow it down to just five when there are so many amazing vehicles I could have adventures in. I mean, I even have this shirt from TeeFury, which shows just a few of the most famous fictional (and nerdy) vehicles just from movies and TV.

Teefury My Other Ride is Shirt

But, I did manage to narrow it down after a lot of brainstorming (and reading other female geek bloggers’ posts!). Allonsy!



I love Doctor Who and am pretty enamored with the Doctor’s ship the T(ime) A(and) R(elative) D(imenson) I(n) S(pace). Not only is it blue (my favorite color), but it’s bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in space or time. I would love to be one of the Doctor’s companions and see the Oods or the Boekind, and have adventures on distant planets.


2. Starship Enterprise

Star Trek is one of my favorite sci-fi series of all time, specifically The Next Generation because I grew up watching it. I have always wanted to travel on the Enterprise D ship, which is from TNG. I could transport myself onto the surface of another planet or use the holodeck. Plus it would be so cool to be in Starfleet Academy and be an officer on the ship.


3. Hogwarts Express

Oh my God you guys, how amazing would it be to get to ride on the real Hogwarts Express?! That would mean you were going to school at Hogwarts and were a witch or a wizard! Obviously this had to be on my list, especially because Harry Potter is pretty much my #1 fandom. I would order so many chocolate frogs from the food trolley. O_O


4. Batmobile

Chicks dig the car, right? I am also a huge fan of Batman and the Batmobile is pretty much the coolest car there is. While I love the original vintage Batmobile from the TV series purely for aesthetic reasons, I’d want to ride around in Michael Keaton’s batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movies. It’s so hilariously phallic and cartoonish.


5. Cylon Raider

Technically, the Cylon Raiders are actually sentient beings, but I could pilot one if I wanted to like Starbuck did. They’re just such menacing vehicles. They always look like they’re about to attack you even if they’re not. The Cylons in the reboot are pretty badass so I wouldn’t mind being one, or the descendent of one anyway. 😉

What are your favorite fictional vehicles and why?

Lessons Learned from Comic-Con 2015

This year’s Comic-Con turned out even better than last year’s for a number of reasons, which I’d like to share with you all. Although it can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned con veteran, there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Plan ahead, but don’t over plan.

Last year was my first Comic-Con and I went a little overboard in the pre-planning stage. It stressed me out so much I was incredibly anxious the first night I got to San Diego and was trying to figure out how I was going to do everything. Well, reality check, it’s impossible to do everything you want to do. Events, panels, autograph signings, and giveaways often overlap. The most important part of planning is to know what’s going on within a time block and knowing what your number one choice is with a backup or two in case you miss out on your first choice. The Comic-Con app is super helpful and was created for exactly this reason. It even has some of the outside events on there like the Her Universe Fashion Show and Adult Swim on the Green. With all this being said, that leads me to my next point…

Leetal Platt's model for her Usagi's Transformation Sailor Moon dress kisses her boyfriend after the Her Universe Fashion Show
Leetal Platt’s model for her Usagi’s Transformation Sailor Moon dress kisses her boyfriend after the Her Universe Fashion Show

Spontaneity is okay!

Even though I planned ahead and picked out what panels I was most interested in, I only went to about 10% or less of them. The thing about Comic-Con is, you never know what might happen. It’s good to be spontaneous and go with your gut if something all of a sudden appeals to you or you find out about a last minute opportunity or signing. If I had gone to every panel I initially was interested in, I would never have had an opportunity to even visit the exhibit hall. I saw a few different celebrities while I was down there including Natalie Dormer, Elijah Wood, Seth Green, and Edward James Olmos. On Friday, I pretty much abandoned the idea of panels all together and my friends and I decided to do The Game of Thrones Experience and walk around the Gaslamp district for most of the day. We got some fun swag out of it and really enjoyed ourselves since we took turns waiting in line. The point is, don’t be chained to your schedule, Comic-Con is full of surprises!

Me as a white walker at GOT: Experience the Realm
Me as a white walker at GOT: Experience the Realm

Make time for friends

Obviously this mainly will apply to you if you have friends that are also going, but it also applies to the random people you’ll meet while at Comic-Con. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, especially while you’re waiting in line. I made some great line buddies during the Gravity Falls panel and I wish I had gotten their information. In comparison to last year, this year was ten times as enjoyable because I went with friends and we all made time for each other at some point during the day, often for a meal or outside event. I also had the opportunity to meet up with other friends that incredibly, I have made only within the past year or so! Meeting these people has been largely due to the making of our Harry Potter fan film “Severus Snape and The Marauders.” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my post on our teaser trailer here.) I am incredibly grateful for those wonderful people and super excited to put out our little fan film that we all worked so hard on.

Mick Ignis (Snape), Justin Zagri (my boyfriend and the Writer/Director), and Dani Jae (Lily) after the Harry Potter fandom panel.
Mick Ignis (Snape), Justin Zagri (my boyfriend and the Writer/Director), and Dani Jae (Lily) after the Harry Potter fandom panel.

Exclusives are over-rated

I really had my heart set on getting a few of the Comic-Con exclusives this year, mainly the Fight Club 2 variant cover and the Heisenberg Blue Sky Pop vinyl. However, it was pretty much impossible to get either unless you arrived to the convention center at the crack of dawn before the doors even opened. I did not attempt to fight with the hoards early morning just for a chance at an exclusive. I heard horror stories of running and pushing and shoving and yelling, and that’s just not how I wanted to start my day. Even more importantly however, I didn’t want to sacrifice my sleep or my time especially when I could just buy them later anyway. Yes that’s right, you can still buy many of the exclusives after Comic-Con. Sure they might be more expensive than they were at Comic-Con, but not by that much. The Fight Club 2 comic is going for $15-20 and was originally $5, while the Heisenberg Pop vinyl is going for $30-$40 and I think it retailed for around $15 originally. However, I found out through the grapevine that many of the left over Pop vinyl exclusives are available at both Barnes & Noble and Hot Topic after Comic-Con. Unfortunately they were out of the Heisenberg one by the time I found this out on the 16th, but I did pickup the Eleventh Doctor Pop vinyl exclusive at Hot Topic for $15.

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Cyberman Head exclusive
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Cyberman Head exclusive

Don’t feel obligated to Cosplay, but do it if you really love the character

In the past, I’ve felt like I should be cosplaying at conventions. I have friends who are professional cosplayers and costume designers and their costumes are always outrageously good. The thing is, I always had a hard time choosing characters to cosplay as because I feel like there aren’t too many characters that I look like and I hate wearing wigs. Last year I did Jane Lane from Daria, but I feel like a lot of people didn’t know who I was because I didn’t have a Daria with me. This year I decided to do Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls and had a lot of fun doing so. It’s another easy costume to put together, but is much more recognizable since it’s from a current show. I wore the costume to the Gravity Falls panel and had a great time with other cosplayers just taking photos and talking about the show. The best part however, was the producers of the show inviting all the cosplayers to take a group photo with Alex Hirsch and Kristen Schaal after the panel! Just another example of one of the many Comic-Con surprises that can spontaneously happen at any time!

Dipper Pines cosplay adventure at SDCC 2015!

Only take free swag that you really like, will use, or know someone else will like.

Last year I was in awe of all the free stuff that I tried to collect ALL THE THINGS! This is completely pointless because I think I have less than half of the free stuff I got last year still. Most of it is promotional material for things you just won’t bother with, so only seek out goodies that are of interest to you. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get an exclusive giveaway or raffle at a panel. Or you may find a brand ambassador for a TV show wandering the Gaslamp Quarter with free stuff. Or even still you might get some sweet swag at an outside event.

Swag from the Her Universe fashion show at Comic-Con
Swag from the Her Universe fashion show at Comic-Con


Was this post helpful or do you have any advice or lessons you’ve learned from Comic-Con? Leave me a comment below!

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Things I Own That I Bought at Cons

Five Fandom Friday

I’m not one to spend hundreds of dollars at cons each time I attend, but I do like to snag at least one awesome thing. I’ve probably attended about 10 cons in my life as I only really started going to them after college. Here are my five favorite things that I bought at cons (so far!).

Abe Lopez Batman Haunted Mansion

This signed “Haunted Arkham Asylum” print by Abe Lopez. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. I snagged it at Wondercon this year. It combines two of my favorite things: the Batman universe and Disney’s The Haunted Mansion ride!!

Pugs Book

I am completely in love/obsessed with pugs and I had to have this book when I saw it at Comikaze last year. It features a really cute and derpy pug, doing what they do best. Being cute and derpy. 😀 The author also signed it and made a small drawing on the inside. You can check out Dave Kellett’s stuff here.

Camille Rose Garcia 1st Edition Signed Snow White and Print

Camille Rose Garcia has been my favorite pop artist since high school when I saw her work featured in Nylon magazine. I have her first art book and the Alice in Wonderland book she illustrated that is like this Snow White one. I have always wanted to own one of her prints and this deal was pretty much the closest I could get currently. Snagged a signed first edition of her Snow White book along with a signed print at Comic-Con this year!

David Mack Kabuki The Alchemy

I met David Mack at Miami Supercon back in 2010. I was wandering through Artist’s Alley and his watercolor work caught my eye. I told him I thought his work was really beautiful and he was super sweet in response. I bought this version of Kabuki and he threw in a couple of the comics, signing everything. David is one of the most generous artists  out there. He’s featured in the documentary Temple of Art, which I am proud to have been a supporter of via Kickstarter. This year, I found him at Comic-Con and he signed my copy of Fight Club 2. He’s also very responsive on Twitter, which is awesome.

Tardis Blueprint Tank Top

Bought this Tardis tank from GeekyU at Comikaze and am super in love with it. I love nerdy tank tops and would much rather wear them than t-shirts, especially since I live in Southern California. The design of this shirt is really cool because it’s in that blueprint style, which is kinda popular right now. I’ve received lots of compliments on it too!

I’d love to see your favorite con purchases! Link me in the comments below!


Five Fandom Friday

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday theme is guilty pleasures. My picks aren’t exactly fandom related, but just an expression of my personality I guess. I’m a bit weird, but most of these things are surprisingly normal.

Attack of the Puppet People

1. Really terrible B-Movie Horror Films

I used to rent these with my friends at the local Blockbuster. The more ridiculous the movie title the better. Attack of the Puppet People, Thankskilling, Santa’s Slay…There are so many bad ones that I can’t remember all the names. Sometimes the cover alone was enough to make us rent the film. This is partially why I miss being able to rent movies from a local video store. Luckily, Netflix has some pretty so-bad-it’s-good choices to binge on.

Tenacious D

2. Tenacious D

I am a bit obsessed with the D. In high school, I was in a band and all my bandmates were into them. I thought comedy music was lame and so didn’t really bother listening to them on my own. Well my friends made sure I did listen because they knew me well and I loved every second of their first album. I know all the words to this day. I have both of their DVDs and the Pick of Destiny movie as well. I still haven’t seen JB and KG play together, but I have met Jack Black twice since I’ve lived in LA.

Metal Pizza

3. Pizza

Ok, I know pizza is not very healthy and whatever and I live in LA or whatever, but I am a PIZZA FIEND! I must have pizza once a week. If I don’t, I have horrible cravings that drive me insane. Yes, seriously. It’s especially bad when I’m on my period. If I don’t get my pizza, I get super hangry and go all She-Hulk. My favorite pizza is supreme or Hawaiian, but I will eat pizza with pretty much anything on top. Mmmmm…melty cheese deliciousness…


4.  America’s Next Top Model

TYRA MAIL! Girl, you don’t even know. If Top Model is on, bye! I will watch ALL the reruns. I love this show so much it’s not even funny. I haven’t seen the later cycles, but mainly because I had to stop myself from watching; I had a problem. I will say though that ANTM was a great comfort to me when I was in the hospital a few years ago. It made things a lot less scary.

funk you flea market

5. Rummaging Through Other People’s Things

Thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales; I have a thing for rummaging through other people’s things. It’s always like Christmas because you never know what you’re going to find. Last month I got a pair of Saks 5th Avenue heels for $9 at Salvation Army that were originally $195. This is what I’m talking about. I love the challenge of finding something awesome amongst all the junk and unwanted items. Plus it’s a great way to save money or make a little extra if you resell any of the things you find too. Personally, I love shopping for clothes, records, cameras, and random shit in this way. I’ve always been told I have the coolest stuff, but it’s because it’s all other people’s stuff that I’ve just curated.

Have any guilty pleasures you’re willing to share?


So, it was exactly two weeks from Comic-Con yesterday! While that simple fact is exciting in and of itself, it also means they’ve released the daily schedules! If you’ve already gone through the list, you might be pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of panels offered, even within the same time blocks. However, I’m here to offer my suggestions and let you all know which panels I’ll most likely be checking out in addition to other potential activities during any down time.


10:00 am – Wrath of Con Bloggers, Room 14A

This panel is a must for any fellow geek bloggers. It boasts Tony B Kim (Crazy 4 Comic Con), Megan Gotch (The Nerdy Girlie), Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego), and Alyssa Franks (Friends Of CCI), who will all discuss their blogs and how to succeed as a geek blogger. All of these lovely people are on my Comic-Con Twitter list, which I mentioned in my previous Comic-Con tip post last week. I expect it to be super informative and fun and a welcome beginning to my second Comic-Con.

10:45 am – The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, Ballroom 20

A definite  must see for all of you Trekkies out there. Personally, I am more a fan of The Next Generation because I grew up with it, but I still enjoy the original series too. This panel is a pretty ridiculous concept since Kirk is a fictional character, but William Shatner will be there reading from the actual book that’s debuting at Comic-Con. Since Family Guy’s former EP is going to moderate, I have to wonder if fans are going to be treated to another Rocketman-esque performance. Get in line at least 2-3 hours ahead for this one.

12:00 pm – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Hall H

Ok, so this is a Hall H panel, which means count your lucky stars if you really want to get into this one. As you may know, people will camp out the night before just to ensure their seat in Hall H all day since they don’t clear the room. If you’re a die-hard Hunger Games or J-Law fan, be sure to pre-plan hardcore. You might get lucky if you get in line 3-4 hours ahead, but it will all depend on how many fanboys and girls are already in line when you get there. The hall holds approximately 6,500 people. I may actually get in line for Hall H around 11 am mainly because of the later panels I want to see in there.

12:30 pm – Return to Gravity Falls, 6A

If I give up on my Hall H idea for Thursday, I will end up at this panel for sure. Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons on TV right now. I went to this panel last year and it was one of the highlights of my con experience. Alex Hirsch is so damn entertaining. He had a puppet of Old Man McGucket that he acted out a scene with and a few of the other main voice actors were there as well. They even had a few small swag items for everyone. If I do go, I’ll have to make sure I’m done with Season 2 since they’ll be talking about the ending.

1:00 pm – Science Channel: Raiders, Raptors, and Rebels: Behind the Magic of ILM, 25ABC

This panel sounds pretty amazing. You’ll get to see Behind the Scenes stuff for Industrial Light and Magic’s work on some of George Lucas’ biggest blockbusters. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just think about the visual effects in Star Wars or Jurassic Park. Now you’re interested right?! They’re promising surprise guests and a huge giveaway, so this is definitely something you should consider attending.

2:15 pm – Doctor Who: BBC America’s Official Panel, Hall H

My boyfriend and I are huge Doctor Who fans so I was super excited to see this panel was happening. He was super stoked to see the Master as Missy this past season and Michelle Gomez, the actress who plays her, will be there along with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. While Capaldi isn’t my favorite doctor (I’d much rather see David Tennant), this is still one of my top choices for Thursday’s schedule. This is probably going to be the most popular panel of the day, however, so like I said before, I’d get in line by 11 am or earlier.

3:45 – Sherlock, Ballroom 20

I’m a fan of Sherlock, but this panel is a maybe for me. I’d be completely on board if Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were going to be there, but they haven’t been announced as of right now. It might be worth it just to hear Steven Moffat speak about his work, but I have a feeling this panel is going to be largely overshadowed by the Doctor Who one. It might make it easier to get in though, who knows?

5:00 – Spotlight on Jhonen Vasquez, 32AB

Squee! Johnny! Invader Zim! OMG I am so excited for this panel! My high school years were filled with Jhonen Vasquez comics and cartoons and I’ve always wanted to meet him in person. I’m hoping there will be a subsequent signing as well. The focus of the panel will mainly be Johnny the Homicidal Maniac so I’m hoping that means there is some news like maybe a Johnny movie??

6:00 – Her Universe Fashion Show

I only caught the very end of this last year and regretted it sorely. Upcoming fashion designers submit designs, and upon acceptance get to actually build their outfits, which are based off a cosplay or an existing franchise. The winner gets to design a collection with Her Universe and Hot Topic! Personally, I am rooting for Leetal Platt to win. She’s an amazing designer and just won both The Jury Prize and Best in Show at her FIDM debut this year. Check out her amazing collection.

7:00 – E-textiles and Cosplay: Learn to Sew a Working Light Circuit, 30CDE

I’ve actually seen this workshop listed before at other conventions and around Los Angeles and have always wanted to do it. I’m not big on cosplay, but I’m down for anything related to lighting and learning a new skill. You even get to hand sew and take home a working light circuit. Pretty sweet!

8:00 – Son of Name That Movie – Room 9

This panel is actually kind of a game show format where you can get randomly picked to play. They choose a bunch of movie clips for you and you have to name as many as possible. I feel like I would be pretty good at this, but it’s hard to think that quickly under pressure. Nevertheless, it seems like it would be entertaining to at least watch, but there will be prizes for 1st-4th place winners.

9:00 – Spirited Away Screening – Horton Grand Theatre

This sounds like the perfect way to unwind on your first night of Comic-Con. One of Studio Ghibli’s biggest films will be screening along with the lure of trivia and prizes. It’s hosted by Her Universe and Hot Topic, so be sure to dress your best.


10:00 am – The 16th Annual Animation Show of Shows – Hall H

A panel solely dedicated to short animated films who are all award winners. The best way to find your new favorite animators or animated character. ‘Nuff said.

11:30 am – Space Command: A Hopeful Future – Central Library

This panel has some amazing people on it including Bob Picardo(!) and focuses on the new sci-fi series with footage and a Q&A with the actors.

12:00 – AMC’s The Walking Dead – Hall H

I’m a bit biased here because I watch the series, but I have a feeling this will be one of the more badass panels for Friday. There’s so much drama and terror happening from episode to episode and the writers always throw in amazing twists.

1:00 – Archie Forever – Room 4

Archie is one of the first comics I ever read. I remember when grocery stores used to carry the Archie and Veronica digests that were on the magazine racks in the checkout lines. This should be a fun panel and attendees get a free gift bag!

2:30 – Game of Thrones – Hall H

One of my favorite shows at the moment. I didn’t get to go to the panel last year but might attempt it this time. They always give great swag bags at this panel. I know last year it was a backpack filled with stuff branded with the “All Men Must Die” graphic with the 3-eyed raven. Worth a shot especially if you’re willing to wait in line overnight.

3:15 – [adult swim]: Robot Chicken – Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront

I love pretty much everything that Seth Green does so this is sure to be a fun panel. Definitely get there a few hours ahead to get into this one.

4:15 – Bob’s Burgers – Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront

If you get into the Indigo Ballroom for Robot Chicken, just stay in there til 6 pm. I just started watching Bob’s Burgers, but am already in love with the Belchers. I love Louise, especially because she’s voiced by Kristen Schaal, but Tina is so fantastically weird and awkward. Probably will have a giveaway too.

5:00 – Archer – Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront

Archer is a fantastically crazy and witty show that is worth your time and a little of your sanity. The line will most likely be long for this one, so like I said before just go to the Indigo Ballroom earlier and stay through this panel. The banter between the cast will be worth it.

6:00 – Starz: Ash v. Evil Dead, 6A

Really quite excited for this show. I loved the Evil Dead movies as a teenager and Bruce Campbell is such a cheeseball. Be forewarned though, it will be pretty gory so don’t bring any kids under 13.

7:00 – World Premiere of Justice League: Gods & Monsters, Ballroom 20

I am a fan of the animated DC shows, especially anything that has Batman in it. This is supposed to be a unique take on some of our favorite Justice League characters, which may prove interesting. Paget Brewster, formerly of Criminal Minds, is voicing Lois Lane so she will be there on the panel to make me squee like a fan girl.

8:00 – Be a Financial Superhero Even if You Aren’t Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, Room 4

I am always interested in improving my financial situation so this nerdy take on it will surely be useful if you’re like me.

8:30 – Klingon Lifestyles, 6A

A  klingon stage play with Bat’leth battles? Sign me up!


10:00 – Are You Ready Kids?: Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants, 6A

America’s favorite sponge has his own panel and will surely be entertaining! All the voice actors will be there and there will be a Q&A in addition to trivia and prizes. Take your kiddos if you have some.

10:30 – Temple of Art, 24ABC

I’ve been supporters of these guys since the beginnings of Temple of Art and donated to their Kickstarter campaign. There are some truly great artists involved including the great David Mack.

12:00 – The Simpsons, Ballroom 20

I reeeeaaaallly want to go to this panel, but it will most likely require getting in line pretty early. Nancy Cartwright (my fave Simpson voice actor) will be there and they’ll be talking about the next Treehouse of Horror, which are always some of my favorite episodes!

1:00 – Seth McFarlane’s Animation Block, Ballroom 20

If you’re a fan of animation, stick around Ballroom 20 for this one and check out Seth McFarlane’s shows (American Dad, Family Guy, etc) including a new one called Bordertown!

1:45 – Spotlight on Stan Lee, 6A

The man, the myth, the legend; Stan Lee! Go listen to the wittiest, sharpest 90-something year old comic creator you will ever meet! He is seriously the best.

3:00 – The Muppet Show Coming to ABC, 6A

If you don’t want to see the Muppets, you have no soul.

4:00 – Starz: Outlander, Ballroom 20

I’ve read the first book and seen the first episode and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the TV show’s adaption. I have a feeling it’s going to be even better than the books. Go for sexy scottish accents and beautiful period drama scenery/costumes.

4:45 – Dark Horse: An Afternoon With Joss Whedon, Hall H

Another no-brainer. Joss Whedon has churned out some of the best cult-favorites i.e. Buffy and Firefly. You’ll get to hear what he’s working on next from the man himself!

6:00 – The Geek Shall Inherit: A Look at the Evolution of Geek Culture, 14A

I might be biased because my friend Dr. Janina Scarlet is on this panel, but you should definitely go to this one. A panel of smart people will be analyzing geek culture and most likely making you feel a lot better about being a geek.

7:00 – Fight Club 2, 5AB

I think everyone needs to be in the same room as Chuck Palahnuik at least once. I’ve seen him twice in person and it’s always a little different or I learn something new about him or his books. Fight Club 2 has been greatly anticipated so here’s your chance to ask all those burning questions you had after you saw the end of the film in 1999. (now you feel old don’t you.)

8:30 – The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition, Room 8

Memorable music pretty much makes or breaks a great horror film. This should be a pretty cool panel with the composers from films like Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead.


10:15 – Fantastic Fans and Where to Find Them, 6A

I might also be incredibly biased with this one, but you should definitely get to the convention center on Sunday morning for this panel. My boyfriend, Justin, will be speaking about Harry Potter fandom along with a bunch of other lovely people from The HP Alliance, International Quidditch Association, and others.

11:00 am – Sixty Years of Gumby, 29AB

Gumby is one of the only claymation style animation that I liked growing up. I have a soft spot for the little guy and this panel will have pretty much everyone involved in Gumby ever.

12:30 – American Horror Story and Scream Queens, Hall H

This sounds like a pretty fun panel especially if you’re a fan of horror and American Horror Story in particular. It will probably be a lot easier to get into since Sunday usually has a lot less people.

1:00 – Official Sailor Moon Panel, 6A

If Sailor Moon was as much of a childhood favorite for you as it was for me, you need to go to this panel. They’ll be sharing news about the new Sailor Moon Crystal series and probably have a giveaway or two.

2:15 – Starship Smackdown XV: Battle of the Intergalactic Stars Edition, 6A

My boyfriend is pretty stoked about this one, so if you’re a dude I’d say check it out. Panelists get drunk and talk about which starship would win in a fight. Sounds pretty hilarious to me.

4:00 – Full-time Creative Work on a Part-time Schedule, 24ABC

This is going to be a great panel for all you fellow creatives out there. I dunno about you, but I have a hard time balancing my regular work with my creative projects and making money. Should be useful and they’re giving away a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Even if you can’t make it to all the panels you want, you should definitely check out all the stuff going on in the exhibit hall as well as all the events outside. This site has a bunch of the outside events listed to make your life easier.

Anyway, good luck and happy Comic-Con!

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Fashion Inspiration

Five Fandom Friday

I love clothes just as much as any woman, but I’ve never considered myself to be particularly fashion conscious. I don’t tend to follow the trends, but I wear what I like and compliments my body type. This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic focuses on fictional fashion that inspires.

clara oswald impossible girl

1. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

I’ve loved the Impossible Girl’s style since we were introduced to her during the 11th doctor’s seasons. The red ensemble pictured above is so simple, but yet so flattering. Most of her looks are preppy, schoolgirl/school teacher, with a bit of a hip flare to them. Clara has had a lot of really great outfits even in the current season with Peter Capaldi. One of my favorites was the 1920s dress from “The Mummy on the Orient Express.” This article from Bustle shows a bunch of her outfits and this one from Radio Times even shows you where to find a similar 1920s dress.

jessica day

2. Jessica Day (New Girl)

Jess actually has a similar style to Clara’s, but is more 1950s teenager meets modern hipster. It’s kinda funny, because they’re both teachers too. I guess I just like that slightly nerdy, preppy look. Jess takes it a step further because of her glasses and quirky personality. Some of my favorite outfits have actually been her pajamas though and luckily there is actually a website called WWZDW that identifies what exactly she is wearing so you can purchase it for yourself. I feel like Zooey Deschanel should just have her own fashion blog already. She is such a style icon in real life. She does have her Hello Giggles site, however, and she did release a line of amazing dresses through Ralph Lauren last year too.

wanda cry baby

3. Wanda Woodward (Cry Baby)

Wanda is a badass bitch and part of an all girl crew called The Drapes in the 1990 John Water’s film Cry Baby. She knows how to work what she has and always looks hot. Again, this is 1950’s style since the movie is a period piece, but Wanda is more pinup than prep. She pairs leather jackets with skin tight dresses for even sexier appeal. Plus her hair is freaking amazing.

dany targaryen

4. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

I think Dany is probably on most female geek girls’ lists. She always looks like a queen and is draped in some kind of long flowing dress. I especially loved the evolution of her dragon dress as she gradually came into her role as Mother of Dragons. Dany looks beautiful in whatever they put her in, but the costume design on Game of Thrones is pretty flawless all the way around.

tonks outfit

5. Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)

Ok, Tonks had to be on my list seeing as I cosplayed as her last year during Comikaze and on Halloween. She is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters and I love the goth-punk style they gave her in the movies. It’s pretty much an exaggerated version of how I used to dress in high school and even now sometimes. Seeing as she is a metamorphmagus too, she can also change her hair and eyes and all that, which gives her a real advantage when choosing outfits.

What fictional style icons inspire you?

San Diego Comic-Con Tips From a Newbie: Who to Follow on Twitter (Tip #2)

In my last post, I focused on What to Bring With You Everyday to Comic-Con, which included your phone charger or extra battery. It’s very likely that you will be constantly on your phone, checking social media and posting to it in addition to the dozens of other activities smartphones can do nowadays. One of the best uses of your phone checking time during Comic-Con is to follow Comic-Con activity on Twitter through the hashtags #SDCC, #SDCC15, and #ComicCon2015. All of the companies who have booths or tables have a Twitter account and will be posting throughout the convention about giveaways, signings, special surprises, sales, and other announcements. This is your way to gain an advantage over other people who may not realize how to find out about these things. Aside from companies posting from their booths, however, you will also find information on the activities going on outside of Comic-Con in the surrounding areas. There are hundreds of simultaneous events happening during Comic-Con and there is always something to do. Additionally, many die-hard fans and convention veterans will also post their own tips or leads on things they’ve found out about, which can be infinitely useful. There are sometimes secret parties that pop-up last minute or random giveaways outside too. Last year I got a sweet Transformers fanny-pack when I was walking towards the Gaslamp District.

But, you may ask, how am I to know who to follow on Twitter to be in the know? Well my dear geeks, I have done most of the work for you already. I created a Twitter list under my account @LianaRosePhoto, with 80+ accounts you should check out during the con to stay in the know. I will be adding to it in the days and weeks to come as we get closer and closer to the week of Comic-Con. Please feel free to subscribe to it, share it with your friends, and tweet me with suggestions. Here’s the list in all it’s glory: https://twitter.com/LianaRosePhoto/lists/comic-con. I’d also love to know who will be there in July so please add me and I will add you back!

Check back next week for another useful tip for navigating Comic-Con as a newbie.

21 Days til Comic-Con!

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Fathers

Five Fandom Friday

First of all, can we talk about how the alliteration for this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is ridiculously off the charts?!  So many F words!! Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Fathers. Say that five times fast!

Anyway, this week’s prompt really made me think, specifically about what makes a good father. It’s Father’s Day next weekend of course and I think it’s important to let your Dad know he’s appreciated if he’s still alive or in your life. Dad’s tend to get a bad rap because of so many cases of neglect or abandonment or even worse stuff, so consider yourself lucky if you’ve got a great Dad who loves you. I’m one of those lucky few and also credit my Dad for my excellent taste in music, TV, film, and books. The fictional dads I chose below are specifically adoring of their daughters and also do everything they can for them, often at great risk to themselves.

Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell

1. Lord Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones)

The Starks in general are loyal and honorable which has made them my favorite house in Game of Thrones. As Lord of Winterfell, Eddard is the pinnacle of morality and wants what’s best for his family and his house. He is a strong and noble leader and a great role model for his children. When Arya and Sansa are at odds with each other, he does whatever he can to help them make peace. He seems particularly fond of Arya, probably because she’s scrappy and tough and is not afraid to completely be herself. Eddard continuously encourages her and even hires a dancing teacher to teach her how to fence properly. He is a loving and supportive father, even to his bastard son, Jon Snow.

Ted Arroway in Contact

2. Ted Arroway (Contact)

Contact was one of my favorite movies as a child. I’ve always been fascinated by aliens and the possibility of life on other planets. I really liked the dynamic between Ted Arroway and his daughter Ellie in Contact. Ted shared his love of astronomy with her, which in turn fostered her own obsession with the stars. Though he died, her love for her father and desire to contact him again drove her ambition. The love of her father inspired Ellie’s whole life’s work.


3. Maurice (Beauty & the Beast)

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and is one of the few where the main character’s father is actually around still. Belle and her father Maurice share a loving relationship where they both accept each other for who they are. Belle believes in her father and his inventions despite what everyone else thinks. She loves him so much she even sacrifices herself in order to save him so he can be free. Maurice in turn does everything he can to try and convince the townspeople that a beast really does live in the castle and is holding Belle. He becomes quite literally sick with worry over the thought of what the beast might be doing to her. Maurice is such a lovely character, we’re not only rooting for Belle and the beast to fall in love, but for Belle to be reunited with her father again.

danny tanner

4. Danny Tanner (Full House)

Danny Tanner is a widower who is left with three young girls to take care of. With the help of his brother-in-law Jesse, and best friend Joey, he manages to take care of and provide for his children. Danny was a good dad because he always tried to instill good habits and morals for his girls. He disciplined them sure, but always with love and in a manner that taught them a valuable lesson. Even without a mom for the girls, he always made sure they felt like one big happy family.

Jean Valjean - Hugh Jackman

5. Jean Valjean (Les Miserables)

Les Mis is truly one of the saddest and most beautiful musicals in existence. It also has one of the most powerfully moving father-daughter relationships I’ve ever come across. Jean Val Jean becomes a changed man when he adopts Cosette, and the most important thing in the world to him is her happiness. She is everything to him and he would do anything for her and to protect her. Even though he is wary of Marius, because he’s afraid Marius will take her away from him, he still does everything he can to ensure his safety because Cosette loves him. Just one listen to “Bring Him Home,” and you’ll understand how much this guy loves his daughter.

So what do you think? Yay or nay on these Dads? Who would you choose?