Birthday Freebies!!!

Happy Birthday Candles on Cake

Photo by Will Clayton

I am kind of obsessed with getting stuff for free. I’ve made it one of my life goals to get as much free stuff as possible. I’m not greedy, I just don’t have a lot of money right now, man! So many different companies give away products, merchandise, and food for free all the time. You just have to know where to look.

One of my favorite places to search for free stuff is No I’m not being paid to say that, I legitimately found their site on my own and use it all the time. I’m just trying to share the wealth here! But anyway, they had a blog post a couple of years ago about birthday freebies. This means that stores, websites, and restaurants will give you something for free just because it’s your birthday! How awesome is that?! All you have to do usually is just sign up for their email list or rewards program. Easy peasy.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorites that I’ve actually used and think are worth it. If you want to see Freefly’s comprehensive list, feel free to check out this post.

1. Jersey Mike’s – Get a Free Regular Sub and 12 oz Fountain Drink

2. Real Mex Restaurants (Chevy’s, El Torito, Acapulco, etc) – Free Entree (Up to $12.99)

3. Ben & Jerry’s – Free Single Scoop when you sign up for their newsletter AND on your birthday!!

4. Buffalo Wild Wings – Free Snack Size Wings (8 pieces)

5. Baja Fresh – Free Taco for signing up AND Free Burrito on your birthday!!

6. Baskin Robbins – Free Birthday Scoop

7. Panera – Free Birthday Pastry

8. AMC Theaters – Free Large Drink

9. CVS Beauty Club – Save $3 on any purchase

10. Best Buy – Free $5 to spend on anything in the store!

11. Pizza Studio – Free Pizza!

12. Medieval Times – Free Admission with Purchase of a Regular Adult Admission (This is where I spent my birthday this year and had a lovely surprise party!!!)

Any really good ones that I missed?? Share all the free things!

One thought on “Birthday Freebies!!!

  1. Wow great collection of freebies! I love getting freebies, too, and feel it’s kind of a challenge to find them, and besides that, it’s just fun! Contests and sweepstakes are up there too, but that’s a whole other ballgame of mindset and sometimes cleverness, whoohoo!

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