Penny Dreadful Update!

Episode 101

Ok, I am majorly missing Penny Dreadful once again, which is pretty bad since its only been two months. However, as I was looking to see if LA Weekly had done any posts on the series, I did come across the official Penny Dreadful production blog! So here’s another delightful resource to check-in on, especially when Season 2 starts up.

The blog has a lot of the videos from the YouTube channel, but also includes news articles about the series and production stills too.

Upon checking Christopher King’s Twitter @ChrisWKing, I also saw a few tweets from Aisha Tyler (Archer) @AishaTyler, who recently visited the set in Ireland. 

Aisha Tyler on Penny Dreadful?

While she has been an avid fan of the show, which led to her moderating the Comic-Con panel, I’d like to speculate that there might be more going on than just a tour of the set. This photo in particular made me wonder if she will have a guest appearance, perhaps as a dead body?! 

Only time will tell and there is still so much time left until Season 2, said to be premiering in August 2015. Until then I’ll be lounging in my pajamas with Dorian Gray, Vanessa Ives, and the whole gang while I re-watch Season 1. #dreadful


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